Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween and Dressing Up

Emily got to dress up in her princess costume and go trick-or-treating twice again this year. First we took her to the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson for the annual ZooBoo event. I was working but got to follow them around for most of the time and take photos. Each time Emily got some candy she would get so excited and come back and show us. She had fund twirling around on the grass with the children's musical entertainer, and she got to play a few little games and got some fun prizes.

On Halloween our ward had a trunk-or-treat, so we did that and skipped the trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. We decorated the back of our car a little bit and handed out candy to all the kids, and I tried to get a friend to take Emily around (Kevin was working in the kitchen), but she got bored after about three cars and had much more fun sitting with me and passing out candy. I think she even gave out some of her candy she had gotten from ZooBoo, so we ended up with less candy (yay!) than we started with. I think her favorite part was the cupcake with royal purple frosting - for about half an hour while she ate it she was a pretty princess with a dark purple goatee!

Kevin and I didn't dress up for Halloween, but the weekend before we attended a fundraising event with a 60's theme and got to dress up for that. Well, I dressed up in a regular dress (yeah, maternity costumes aren't that easy to find) and Kevin had a costume. We were amazed at all the authentic-looking costumes people came up with, from tie-dyed shirts and afros to go-go boots and short dresses. They had the whole place all decked out in 60's style and had go-go dancers and an Austin Powers skit for entertainment. My boss and her husband (the Zoo director) were there all dressed up (he had this suede fringed jacket that he was so proud of pulling out of his closet after thirty years - truly authentic!) and I got to see a bunch of my old coworkers from when I worked at Pelco several years ago.