Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Allison got her bellybutton today. Yeah, it's a major breakthrough for a baby of 18 days. No more icky umbilical cord remains on her adorable little abdomen. Other than that, she has already learned how to control her parents by crying when we put her down, making cute faces when we hold her, and pooping in her diaper right after we change her. Unfortunately it has been rather foggy and dreary outside, making the indoor lighting poor for decent photographs, but we have tried. The flash causes major red-eye issues and I don't have any photo editing software right now to fix it, but at least you can see her cute face and her funny expressions!

This one (above) is one of my favorites - we call it the bird face.

Emily has been working hard for the past two months to earn her princess pillow and she finally did it! She had a chart and got happy faces for doing good things like getting dressed by herself, washing her hands, cleaning up her toys, etc. It seemed like a long time, but she finally filled up the chart and was thrilled to go on a special trip to Target and bring home her pillow.