Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thumb sucking

Allison has found her thumb. It's really kind of funny because she can't keep it in very long and while she's sucking she makes all kinds of slurping noises and pokes herself in the eye with her other fingers. And she has a hard time getting it in her mouth and has to turn her head way to the side to try to get it. But at least half the time when I go in to get her up from her nap now she has her thumb in her mouth. I can't blame her - I sucked my thumb as a child, so I guess it's okay for awhile. I don't know, is there more risk of germs from her thumb (if people have been playing with her hands or she has been grabbing things) or from a pacifier?Emily loves books, and now Allison will too, we hope. Allison actually watches while Emily "reads" the books to her. It is so adorable.
Compare this photo below to a similar photo from the January post. My, my, my has she grown! Look at those chubby legs!
I love this picture! Daddy reading stories to his two little girls. Emily keeps asking if Allison can sleep with her in her bed...we say not until she is bigger, but for a few minutes before bed it is fine and dandy. As long as mommy or daddy are in the room!
Emily's friend Mason got to come play one afternoon the week before I went back to work. (Oh, did I mention I went back to work three weeks ago? Thankfully they are letting me work reduced hours and work about half of them from home! Kevin takes care of Allison while I am at work, since he does a lot of work from home as well.) Emily and Mason had fun playing in the backyard and changing their clothes. It really wasn't as hot as it might appear, although it was nice weather. Emily picked out her own clothes, so I guess she thought it was pretty warm. They went behind the orange tree in the back and dug in the dirt and got all muddied up. Mason was wearing Emily's clothes so she didn't get her own all muddy. It did come out, thanks to OxyClean. That stuff is the best.
Emily and Allison hanging out in the morning. It's hard to get a cute picture of them together, but at least they are both kind of looking at the camera. Emily loves to sit with Allison and try to cuddle with her. I think the cuddling will be more fun for both of them when Allison is a little older.
Allison was blessed in church on March 2. For any of you who are not LDS, a baby blessing in our church is similar to a christening. Kevin, my dad, and Dave (Kevin's mom's husband) participated in the blessing. Allison got to wear the dress that I was blessed in when I was a baby, which is also the same one Emily was blessed in. So if it survives another generation, I guess they will have to fight over who gets it next. Her hair started out with a little white bow in it, but it fell out and left her with a mini mohawk. Still cute though, I think.