Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Already Chubbing Out

I think Lukas is already getting some chubs! Mostly in his face. We like fat babies over here. I remember when Emily was a few months old (5 or 6) we were visiting family in Utah and my uncle asked me if I was feeding her pure cream. She was a chunk. Allison is a chunk right now. And we hope Lukas will follow in his sisters' footsteps. Just for fun - I caught this beautiful butterfly on a flower in our front yard the other day. We get lots of little butterflies but not big ones like this very often. I thought it was neat.

Allison is quite the little character. She loves putting on Emily's swim goggles. And now climbing on things. I taught her how to climb into her high chair (since I can't lift her for six weeks) and now she tries to climb on everything! And she says "climb up" while she's doing it. She sure adds a joyous element to our home! And the hair in the face is typical - almost down to her mouth now but she doesn't care!