Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine Photos

I dressed Allison up in her little Valentine's outfit (on the day...we are on schedule with some things) and took some photos. She's grown a lot and is already getting a little chubby. I tried to get Emily in on the photo, too, but she took too long getting dressed and by then Allison was tired of the whole thing.

How could you not love this girl?

And here's Dad with his girls.

Saved by a pickle

Last Valentine's Day (not a few days ago, a year ago) my mom sent Emily this giant heart-shaped mylar balloon to have blown up. Well, we never did blow it up. It hung out in Emily's closet for awhile, then we took it out and hung it on her wall with blue painter's tape, then we took it down and it hung out in the closet again. So when it started getting close to Valentine's Day again, I took it out and we were determined to have it filled with air. I carried it around in my purse for awhile, then had it in the car, back and forth into the house...we even took a special walk down to Walgreen's one day to get it blown up but they couldn't do it.

Finally, two days AFTER Valentine's Day, we were coming out of the supermarket and I asked the guy helping us out if they could fill a mylar balloon for us. He happily agreed to help us out, so after loading the groceries into the car he took the balloon inside and brought it back out all filled up, and with a bonus weight on the bottom to keep it from floating away. All free of charge, too. What great service! Needless to say, Emily was elated to finally have her Valentine's balloon. By now you're wondering what this has to do with a pickle, huh? You'll see...
Once we got home, Emily stayed in the driveway playing with her balloon while I unloaded the groceries. She was so happy throwing it up in the air and watching the weight pull it back to the pavement. She climbed on the neighbor's rocks and saw how high the balloon could go in the air. We took pictures. It was so much fun. After about my third trip inside, I hear shrieking coming from Emily outside. I rush out not to find her injured, but the string on her beloved balloon broken, and the balloon floating away into the blue sky, getting smaller and smaller until it became a small shiny dot in the vast blue. I don't think I've ever heard her scream so loud and for so long, even when injured. It was the worst possible thing to ever happen in her 3-year-old life. I could not console her. So I took pictures and video to document the event (FYI, looking at them today, Emily laughed).
After about ten minutes of her screaming and running up and down the sidewalk, we got inside and tried to calm down. Smart thinking on my part, I spotted the jar of just-purchased dill pickles on the counter. "Emily, would you like some pickles?" Like magic, the crying stopped! So I gave her two pickle spears in a plastic cup, and that was then end of that.

Oh, and this whole time, Allison was resting peacefully in her car seat.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A few minutes of peace

Well...Allison just went down for a nap and Emily is in the bathtub (and miraculously not yelling for me to come in and play with her), so I have a few minutes of quiet time to finally update this blog. Unfortunately I don't have any new photos uploaded from the camera, so sorry for the lack of images.

Allison hit her six week mark yesterday and is becoming quite flirtatious. When she is happy (aka after she just ate) she is very smiley and occasionally likes to play a game with her pacifier where I put it in her mouth and pull it out just as she's closing in on it. She smiles then we do it again. It is so cute! It's like her whole face lights up, mouth open wide and eyes sparkling. It makes all the crying time seem worth it. And she is finally sleeping a few hours at a time at night, so I can get about four hours in at a time. It sounds small, but compared to two hours at a time max for over a month, four hours is a luxury.

Since it is chilly winter right now we've been stuck at home a lot, so poor little Emily ends up watching a lot of movies and tv shows all day while I'm tending to her sister. We have been to the park a few times when the sun has been out, but for the most part we stay at home. Pretty boring. Next time we have a child (if there's a next time...) it needs to be born in the spring or fall so we can go outside more. So unfortunately we're not very exciting right now, but life goes on. Well Emily is now calling me to help her spell her name with bathtub letters...