Thursday, December 31, 2009

Allison Turns Two

Our sweet little Allison turned two on the 27th. We have inadvertently been calling her our "two-year-old" for the past several months, so it's nice that it's finally official. We got to celebrate her birthday with the entire Nelson family, which was a lot of fun. We were also celebrating my mom's 60th birthday (Dec. 24th) so it was even more special!
Some highlights of two-year-old Allison:
She is talking all the time, copying big sister Emily and everything anyone else says. Some favorites are "ablankiebinky" when she's tired, "dat's mine dat's mine dat's mine", "YES, mommy, YES!", "I wuv you Wukas", "Iwatcha show", "just call me mischief!", "happy birfday, gwamma" and myriad other words and phrases.

A favorite pastime is getting into anything she possibly can...a big change from Emily's two-year-old days. She likes to dump things on the floor, practice drawing all over herself and putting on mommy's mascara, and opening anything with hinges.

Her favorite place to go is the park, or to playgroup with our friends. She loves to run, dance, and sing into her plastic microphone and do anything else that makes noise. She also likes to eat cat food, poke her belly button, play in the bathtub and drink her favorite apple juice.

She is just too cute right now with her chubby cheeks, cheesy smile and wispy hair that falls constantly in her face. Allison, we wuv you!

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